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Optimizing Landing Pages: 7 Tweaks To Spark Visitor Action & Generate More Sales

By November 1, 2023Marketing Tips
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Optimizing landing pages requires a significant upfront time investment. 

Choosing colors, selecting the offer, crafting the copy, optimizing the CTA — there are a gazillion factors that can eat up your energy and resources.

However, to meet your revenue goals, you must optimize for conversion.

This begs the question:

Does your landing page have everything in place to turn those conversion numbers into reality?

Chances are, you’ve optimized your website landing page thoroughly, but there’s always room for improvement to crash your revenue and conversion goals.

Landing pages have numerous components, but we’ll only focus on the 7 most important ones you can tweak to drive maximum conversion.

1. Answer Common Customer Questions

If you’re running a direct response campaign, your landing page is the first formal introduction customers have to your brand.

Naturally, people hate to be sold to by strangers. Your page visitors will hesitate to purchase after landing on your landing page since this is their initial interaction with your company, and they don’t know you.

To address their concerns and increase your chances of conversion, you must unfold the mystery. Provide in-depth information that audiences can explore on your landing page.

You can:

  • Answer common customer questions so they don’t need to conduct additional research about your brand or product.
  • Feature verified customer reviews to instill trust and explain how your product or services outperform offerings from your competitors.
  • Post credentials to help assure potential customers that you are trustworthy

The aim is to build immediate trust within the landing page so your prospects don’t have to look elsewhere for more information about your brand.

2. Reduce Friction Points

Your landing page should simplify conversion, so eliminate unnecessary distractions like:

  • Navigation bars
  • Excessive buttons
  • Pop-ups

Include only one Call to Action (CTA). If you’re running a lead-generation campaign, ask for only one piece of information, like an email address, to simplify the process and increase conversions.

Avoid asking visitors to fill out a lengthy form for relatively low-value gated content like e-books. Keep the form simple but impactful. Don’t ask for more information than you need.

If your landing page persuades visitors to make a purchase, include a compelling headline, persuasive copy, and a clear CTA button.

Simplifying your landing pages can reduce friction and boost conversions.

3. Add A Countdown Timer

Creating a sense of urgency is a useful marketing tool to differentiate yourself from your competitors, drive sales, or move stocks. Unfortunately, most businesses miss out on ways to add value to landing pages by creating a sense of urgency.

One effective way to create urgency is by using a countdown timer. 

The timer allows you to inspire customers to shift their mindset from “Let me bookmark this for later” to “Why can I buy this now.

A timer signals visitors that the sale is ending soon, encouraging them to act now rather than later if they want to get your offer.

To utilize a countdown time, define the sense of urgency. It might be:

  1. A discount
  2. Service availability
  3. Improved value

Then, use a countdown timer to urge visitors to act now or miss out on your offer. 

You can include the countdown time as a sticky header.

The goal is to tap into two essential psychological principles:

  • Fear of missing out FOMO
  • Scarcity

Your customers might act on the fear of being unable to partake in a lucrative opportunity. 

A deadline on your offer will convey scarcity. People assign more value to things they have limited access to and less to things that are easy to get.

4. Make Conversion Seamless

The fewer actions you require page visitors to take, the more successful your conversion will be. 

If you’re running a lead-generation campaign, collect the minimum information possible. The more fields you include in your form, the fewer people will want to fill them out.

To simplify a lead-generation campaign, offer the option to sign in with:

  • Facebook
  • X (formally Twitter)
  • LinkedIn
  • Google account

On the flip side, if you’re persuading people to buy a product or service, offer a money-back guarantee to make customers feel in control of the purchase. When first-time buyers make a purchasing decision, they don’t leap in.

Instead, they go back-and-forth, back-and-forth, weighing all the pros and cons.

Offer money-back guarantees to make it easy for them to commit. If your product is good, you’ll have very few returns and refunds, increasing your revenue.

5. Utilize Targeted Video

One of the most effective ways to convert visitors is through targeted video. Websites with videos have an average conversion rate of 4.8%, compared to 2.9% for those without video.

Videos on landing pages are excellent for conversions due to their ability to convey a message without active input. Passive engagement encourages viewers to stay on the site longer and can build trust, especially if it features narratives about founders or brand stories.

You can embed the video within your landing page using standalone video players like YouTubel, Wistia, or Vimeo. The video can be:

  • Product explainer video
  • Customer testimonial video
  • How-to video
  • Video sales letter

Video quickly helps visitors develop trust and familiarity, allows you to explain complicated products or services quickly, and makes your offer more accessible.

6. Utilize Customer Stories

Customer stories give potential clients a clear picture of how they could use your product to solve their problems. 

People want to hear from others who have experienced your product or services. They want to know the struggles other customers face and how your product or service helped them overcome challenges. 

Such stories create trust and connect with potential customers on a personal level.

In your landing page, include a user-story section where customers highlight how your product or service has changed their lives.

However, you must first encourage satisfied customers to write their stories to trigger other users to do the same.

7. Optimize The “Above-the-Fold” Content

“Above the fold” describes the part of a website that’s visible without scrolling. The content in this section needs to zap your target audience with an energetic pulse to maintain their attention throughout the page.

In truth, most of your target audience needs to be woken up out of a stupor. The web has too much bland content, and your target customer has to ignore a lot.

If you can zap them with your writing energy, you can develop a large, responsive lead base who will do what you tell them to do.

Engaging content directly impacts your engagement and bounce rate. If your above-the-fold content is lackluster, users might be turned off and less interested in continuing with the rest of the information on the page.

You can optimize your above-the-fold content by:

  1. Including a compelling image on your landing page
  2. Adding a clear CTA that encompasses what you want visitors to do
  3. Use engaging headlines

Above-the-fold content is the first thing your website visitor sees and has a great impact on user engagement. The better the content, the better your landing page performance.

Drive Conversion by Optimizing Your Landing Page The Right Way 

SEO, Google Ads, social media, and email marketing — all these campaigns drive visitors back to your website. Each of the marketing channels has a price.

Your business can’t afford to channel the leads it’s paying for to a poorly converting landing page.

You need to set up a landing page that impacts conversion.

Not impressions. 

Not click-through-rate. 

And not any other metric that might bog you down in numbers that don’t actually equate to money hitting your bottom line.

Optimizing landing pages in sections that matter can help you achieve more conversions.

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